A History of Baseball in 100 Objects- #4

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This is a list of objects in no particular order that define baseball’s history. They will encompass the entire history of the game up until 1994(The year they took the game away) and will be chosen due to their importance to the game, the fans, and me. I hope you enjoy the ride.

logo pin

#4-A SABR Logo Lapel Pin

Note: I have an actual SABR lapel pin, but I couldn’t get a close up picture that didn’t look like a blurry image of a Bigfoot. (Although I did once take a photo of a Bigfoot that came out looking remarkably like a blurry SABR lapel pin.) This is a poorly rendered replica, the actual pin is way cooler.

In 1971 L. Robert Davids invited over 3 dozen like-minded baseball historians and stat geeks to form an organization of baseball researchers. 15 baseball visionaries answered the call and got together on August 10, 1971 at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. The Society of American Baseball Research was formed.

The objectives of this new group were:

To foster the study of baseball as a significant American social and athletic institution

To establish an accurate historical account of baseball through the years

To facilitate the dissemination of baseball research information

To stimulate the best interests of baseball as our national pastime

To cooperate in safeguarding the proprietary interests of individual research efforts of members of the Society.

(SABR's first meeting: August 10, 1971)

Back row, from left: Neil Campbell (visitor), Bill Haber, Keith Sutton, Dan Dischley, Dan Ginsburg, Tom Hufford, Ray Nemec; front row: Cliff Kachline, Ray Gonzalez, Bill Gustafson, Joe Simenic, Paul Frisz, Tom Shea, Bob McConnell, John Pardon, Bob Davids. (Pat McDonough is the only founding member not pictured.)

Today there are over 6,000 members in SABR including this humble blogger.

This lapel pin represents the entire history of the game of baseball as we know it today. One man’s vision became a worldwide organization dedicated to preserving, documenting and studying the game of baseball. I wear my SABR pin proudly every day. It feels good to be even a small part of this noble organization. If you are reading this blog post you should think about joining today, there’s room for everybody.

A History of Baseball in 100 Objects:

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#2- The Baseball Hall of Fame

#3- “The Babe Bows Out”

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5 Responses to A History of Baseball in 100 Objects- #4

  1. Well, Kevin, I have been thinking about joining for a while now. I take it they have a website with more info? I’ll be sure to check into it.
    Loved the Bigfoot / SABR joke, BTW.

    • Kevin Graham says:

      Thanks Bill,
      The link to SABR is provided in the 1st paragraph of this post. Yeah…me and Bigfoot go way back!!!

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  4. Zackary Lara says:

    I am impressed with this internet site, very I am a big fan.

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