Cy Warmoth and Pat Caraway- Masters of the K



Joe Sewell was elected to the HOF in 1977 after playing 14 seasons, primarily at shortstop, with the Indians and the Yankees from 1920-1933. He had a lifetime .313 average with over 2000 hits. He once stole 3 bases in a season while getting caught 16 times, a 16% success rate. Yikes. But what he’s most remembered for was his ability to put the bat on the ball. In 1903 games and 7132 at bats, Joe Sewell struck out just 114 times. He had 5  seasons in which he appeared in over 100 games in which he didn’t strikeout 5 times. Most players today can’t go a week without whiffing 5 times.

On May 13, 1923 Senators’ pitcher Cy Warmoth struck out Joe Sewell twice in a 5-2 loss to the Cleveland Indians.

Cy Warmoth

On May26, 1930 White Sox pitcher Pat Caraway struck out Joe Sewell twice in a 5-2 loss to the Cleveland Indians.

Pat Caraway

That is the only time in Joe Sewell’s career, 1903 games, that he struck out more than once in a game. That is an impressive feat.

Neither Cy Warmoth and Pat Caraway had distinguished careers. Both lasted just 3 seasons in the major leagues. Warmoth finished with an 8-5 lifetime record with 54 strikeouts. He averaged just 3.8 K’s per 9 IP. Caraway was 22-40 with 151 strikeouts. He averaged just 2.8 K’s per 9 IP.

They owned Joe Sewell however, and I bet he never forgot those 2 games.

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9 Responses to Cy Warmoth and Pat Caraway- Masters of the K

  1. verdun2 says:

    Where are you getting these completely obscure and utterly wonderful stats? Love this series.

    • Kevin Graham says:

      Thanks V, greatly appreciated. It seems like every time I fact check a prospective post, I run into a piece of baseball trivia that warrants a post of its own. One of the reasons baseball and baseball history is so great. There’s always more to learn.

      Kevin G.

      • verdun2 says:

        On a whim, I looked up how many times Sewell struck out in 1923 (12) and 1930 (3). That means Warmoth accounted for 17% of Sewell’s strike outs in ’23 and Caraway had 2/3rds in one game in 1930. Amazing. Wonder who got the other one in 1930?

  2. Kevin Graham says:

    Sewell struck out against George Earmshaw of the A’s on 5/10. He was pinch hitting for pitcher Willis Hudlin in the 8th inning.

  3. Kevin Graham says:

    I think Sewell has the record of around 115 straight games without striking out.
    Very impressive.

  4. Ron Gawthorp says:

    I had the privilege on following Cy Warmoth through his baseball journey and wrote a little blub about it. Striking out the great Sewell twice in one game was one of highlights of his short voyage in the majors. Sewell was a phenomenon.

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