Ted Breitenstein-One For The Hall



Ted Breitenstein pitched in 11 seasons, starting with the American Association St Louis Browns in 1891 at the age of 22 and finishing with the St Louis Cardinals in 1901.

A left handed pitcher, with red hair and freckles, he was affectionately?? called Red Ted by his teammates. In 1891 he became the 1st pitcher to throw a 9 inning no hitter in their 1st start. He no hit Louisville on the final day of the season by a score of 8-0. It was coincidentally the last no hitter in the American Association, as the league folded at season’s end.  He tossed a 2nd no hitter in 1898 while pitching for the Reds, beating Pittsburgh 11-0. His 338 starts are the most by any left hander in the 19th Century.

Breitenstein was a 3 time 20 game winner, and a 4 time 20 game loser, pitching for primarily bad teams. He went 19-30 in 1895 with the Browns and had his best season in 1897 when he went 23-12 with the Reds. He finished with a career record of 160-170.

He married Ida Ulenschtick in 1891 and remained married to her until her death in 1935. Ted Breitenstein died just 9 days later on May 3, 1935 of a heart attack after collapsing from grief over his wife’s passing. He is buried in St Peter Cemetery in St Louis.

In 1937, the 2nd year of balloting for the Baseball Hall of Fame, Ted Breitenstein received exactly 1 vote. It would be the only vote he would ever receive for induction to the Hall. Worthy of the Hall of Fame? Absolutely not. Worthy of one vote by a baseball writer who was probably a big fan as a youngster growing up in the late 19th Century? Absolutely. I’m guessing that Ida would feel the same way.

This is the 1st of hopefully many posts that will feature players that have received exactly 1 vote for the Hall of Fame. I’m sure we’ll meet a lot of interesting players along the way, as well as a few that we’ve never heard of.

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6 Responses to Ted Breitenstein-One For The Hall

  1. I like this idea for a series. Looking forward to your future posts.

  2. Kevin Graham says:

    Thanks Bill. it should be a lot of fun.

  3. verdun2 says:

    My wife’s granddad was from St. Louis and was a Cardinals fan way back in 1901 when they picked up Breitenstein. He told me once he and his buddies thought it was a great pickup. Turned out Breitenstein was finished and they were wrong. My wife’s granddad quickly changed his allegience to the newly formed Browns, where his rooting interest remained until the Browns moved to Baltimore.
    Looks like it could be a fun series.

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