Memorabilia For The Kid In You

McFarlane Toys puts out a really nice line of baseball figurines every year, with a pretty big mix of today’s players. I really love the Cooperstown Collection that has been issued yearly since 2004. The players are approximately 8 inches high and are really nice looking.

There are several Babe Ruths, and Mickey Mantles…of course, but they also have Ted Williams, Tom Seaver, Jackie Robinson, Nolan Ryan, and about a dozen other players to choose from in the Cooperstown Collection. There’s probably well over 100 of the contemporary players available.  I’ve bought a couple of them off Ebay and Amazon, and if you look around you can find them for around $15.


This is the Ty Cobb figure. You can see they really try to make the player look as realistic as possible. Notice the classic Ty Cobb grip on the bat, and the dirt on his uniform.


Thurman Munson in the classic Yankee pinstripes. Notice the ball coming off the sweet spot of the bat.


And of course Mickey Mantle. I think they captured the power stroke of the Mick just perfect.

I’m not a paid spokesperson for McFarlane(Although I would be awesome at it!!!) I just wanted to make you aware of theses really cool baseball figures.

They also do football as well. I’m watching for the mailman as I type this. Kenny Stabler will look sweet next to the Mick.

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