World Series Gun Show

Multi-homer games by a player are not all that rare in the World Series. It’s happened about 50 times, including Pablo Sandoval’s 3 home run effort this year. But early on, unless you played for a New York or Boston based team, you weren’t allowed in this club.

Patsy Dougherty was the 1st, when he slugged 2 home runs for Boston in Game #2 of the 1903 World Series. Harry Hooper(1915-Boston Red Sox) was next, Ruth and Gehrig did it a couple of times. Bob Elliot(who?) did it for the Boston Braves in 1948. Duke Snider did it for Brooklyn in 1952 and 1955. Heck, even Tony Kubek did it for the Yankees in 1957.

18x the World Series saw a multi-homer game before the exclusive New York/Boston monopoly was broken. The 1959 World Series featured the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Chicago White Sox. In Game #1, big Ted Kluszewski hit a home run in both the  3rd and 4th innings against the Dodgers, bringing Chicago into the multi-home run club.


Ted Kluszewski had some serious guns.

The very next day Chuck Essigian of the once “Brooklyn” Dodgers performed that feat as well, but that just makes him, in my book,  a New York legacy in this fraternity of bashers.

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