One For The Hall-Triples Edition

For me, watching a batter leg out a triple is one of the most exciting plays in the game. Sure, there are a handful of inside-the-park home runs hit every year, but it usually requires a misplay by the outfielder. So give me a hustle triple any day.


Sam Crawford holds the career record with 309 triples, the only player to top the 300 mark. The only top 20 player that played after 1950 is Stan Musial. He sits in 19th place with 177. The 166 triples hit by Roberto Clemente places him in 27th position. They are the only post 1950 players to hit over 150 triples.

The active leader is Carl Crawford with 114, good for just 110th place. Jose Reyes(111), Johnny Damon(109), and Jimmy Rollins(105) are the only active players with over 100 triples. At just 29 years old, Reyes has a good chance to crack the 150 mark.

The last player to hit over 20 triples in a season was Curtis Granderson. He hit 23 in 2007 while playing for the Tigers.

The single season record belongs to Chief Wilson. He hit an unreachable total of 36 while playing for the Pirates in 1912.

From 1900 –1950 the major league leader topped 15 triples in every season except 1918 and 1936. Since 1950 the major league leader has reached 16 or more just 19 times in 62 seasons.

Now, what is all this triples talk leading up to? Well, in the 1960’s just one player hit more than 15 triples in a season. That’s right, from 1960-1969 the 15+ triple mark was reached just 1 time. Who was that player?

He hit exactly 16 that season.(1965)

He currently sits in 215th place with 89 career triples.

He led the NL in triples twice.(1962,1965)

He played with the Phillies in both of those seasons.

In his final 2 seasons while playing with the Yankees he failed to hit a single triple.







Yep, that’s Johnny Callison. The only player to hit more than 15 triples in a season in the 1960’s. I never would have guessed that.

Johnny Callison played 16 seasons compiling a .264 average with 226 home runs, and 89 triples.

Johnny Callison died in 2006 at the age of 67.

He received his lone Hall of Fame vote in 1979.

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3 Responses to One For The Hall-Triples Edition

  1. rnishi says:

    Great post. Agreed, the triple is one of the most exciting plays in the game. Wahoo Sam Crawford’s career total of 309 is astonishing. I’m inclined to believe that it may never be surpassed. However, given the move towards new ballparks with quirky dimensions, there may be a rise in triples. For example, the Giants home park has a right center gap nicknamed “Triples’ Alley.” In fact, Angel Pagan led the NL in three-baggers with 15 this year, his first season in SF. Interesting note on Johnny Callison, underrated player, for sure.
    Rob N

    • Kevin Graham says:

      Thanks for checking in. I don’t think we’ll see a 200+ triples player ever again. The vast majority of the outfields are too small, and the home run is more appealing for the players.

  2. annie williams says:

    sam Crawford (outfielder) I have baseball card dated 1899- 1917 his career in mint condition

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