Ernie Lombardi-Catcher

Ernie Lombardi was slow, ponderously slow. He was clocked going from home to 1st using a calendar. He played 17 seasons in the National league and stole just 8 bases. Erosion occurs faster. At 6’3” 230 lb.+, Ernie Lombardi had to earn all his hits. He ran the bases like he was passing a kidney stone.

Ernie Lombardi won 2 batting titles. He finished his career with a .306 average. He won an MVP in 1938 after hitting .342. Ernie Lombardi was a 7x All Star, and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1986.

Ernie Lombardi was the quintessential catcher. Just look at him:


He has the perfect catcher’s name: Ernesto Natali Lambardi

The perfect catcher’s nickname: Schnozz

The perfect catcher’s body. (That could be an oxymoron)

Does anybody else look more like a catcher than Ernie Lombardi?

In 1942 Ernie Lombardi led the National League in hitting with a .330 average. The rules of the day required just 100 games played to qualify for the batting title. Ernie Lombardi played in 105 games, and had just 102 hits, the record for the least amount of hits for a batting title winner. Only a catcher that looked like Ernie Lombardi could have pulled that off.

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