Unleash The Beast

jimmie foxx                                                                                                                      Photo from the Boston Public Library

Despite playing 7 seasons with the hated Boston Red Sox, Jimmie Foxx is one of my all-time favorites. Nicknamed the Beast, for obvious reasons, well illustrated in this photo. Foxx is one of the all-time greatest right handed hitters to ever play the game. He won a Triple Crown in 1933, and just missed another in 1932 when he lost the batting title to Dale Alexander by just 3 points.

Foxx is a 3x time MVP winner, a .325 lifetime hitter with 534 home runs. I have a framed painting of him hanging on my wall, in a Philadelphia A’s uniform of course. He’s situated between a Lou Gehrig painting and a Honus Wagner painting. My personal Hall of Fame gallery.

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2 Responses to Unleash The Beast

  1. What? No Bobby Murcer portrait? C’mon, man.

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