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1887 Buchner Gold Coin Card Set

Issued in 1886/1887 this tobacco card set contains 143 baseball cards, as well as cards portraying jockeys, actors, and policemen. A very colorful set, but poorly rendered, repetitive, and possibly drawn by someone who’s never seen a baseball game. I … Continue reading

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1887 Kalamazoo Bats

The 1887 Kalamazoo Bats cigarette card set contains 60(?) cards consisting of team photos, portrait style photos, outdoor photos, sliding, trees, and more sliding and trees. It’s not one of the more known 19th Century card sets, but it has … Continue reading

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USS Maine Baseball Team In 1898

On February 15, 1898 the USS Maine exploded and sank off the coast of Havana Cuba. It is still unknown what caused the explosion. 274 men died, forcing the US to declare war against Spain two months later, marking the … Continue reading

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