Baseball And The Saturday Evening Post Sept. 30, 1911

saturday_evening_post_19110930 Men fans

“Men Fans” by Robert Robinson September 30, 1911

This is a questionable baseball related illustration, but because of the September date, I’m going to say that it qualifies. And since it’s a Robert Robinson illustration, this would make it his 3rd straight baseball illustration to appear on this blog.

We have 3 male spectators sitting in the bleachers watching a baseball game. The gentleman with the bowtie, has just watched his team make a great play, or score a run. Since he wears a bowtie, he’s of a conservative nature, and his exuberance is tempered. He wants to jump up and scream, but it wouldn’t be proper, and besides his bowtie might come undone, and retieing those things is a real hassle.

The gentleman with the rolled up newspaper is obviously a working man. He doesn’t like what he sees, and isn’t hesitant to show his displeasure. He’s letting the umpire know he got that call wrong, and I’m guessing even from 300 feet away he’s getting his point across.

The man with the fan, is just that, a fan. A fan of the game, a fan of the players, a fan of a lazy late summer afternoon. The exuberant fan behind him has startled him out of his baseball reverie, or possibly a baseball nap. I’m guessing he might just move to another part of the bleachers to resume fanning with a little less distraction.

In baseball on Sept. 30, 1911 the NY Highlanders beat the St Louis Browns in the 2nd game of a double header by a score of 7-2. Russ Ford won his 22nd game of the season beating Ed Hawk, and keeping the NY winning streak alive(7-0) on Saturday Evening Post baseball illustration dates.

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4 Responses to Baseball And The Saturday Evening Post Sept. 30, 1911

  1. At first, I thought the title was “Mets Fans.” That picture would look about right to me, even all these years later.

  2. verdun2 says:

    And which one is you, Bill? 🙂

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