The 1906 World Series Cubs vs White Sox

The 1906 World Series featured 2 teams from Chicago, the powerhouse Chicago Cubs, and the Hitless Wonders, Chicago White Sox. This would be the 1st intracity World Series.  Unfortunately for the 116 game winning Chicago Cubs, this would go down as one of the biggest upsets in World Series history.

cubs-white-sox-1906West Side Grounds

GAME #1 10/9/1906 @ West Side Grounds

White Sox  2

Cubs  1

WP- Nick Altrock      LP-Mordecai Brown

This game was actually played with snow flurries flying, and may have contributed to the lack of offense. Both teams managed just 4 hits with George Rohe providing the only extra base hit. Playing for the injured George Davis, Rohe tripled and scored on a groundout in the 5th inning to break a scoreless tie. Frank Isbell singled in Fielder Jones in the 6th and that was all the White Sox would need. The Cubs scored in the bottom of the 6th on a wild pitch.

white sox world series winSouth Side Park

GAME #2 10/10/1906 @ South Side Park

Cubs  7

White Sox  1

WP- Ed Reulbach     LP-Ed White

Ed Reulbach tossed a 1 hitter, allowing just a 7th inning single to Jiggs Donahue, and the Cubs easily beat the White Sox, banging out 10 hits. Harry Steinfeldt and Joe Tinker each had 3 hits.

GAME #3 10/11/1906 @ West Side Grounds

White Sox 3

Cubs  0

WP- Ed Walsh     LP- Jack Pfiester

Mr Clutch-George Rohe

Ed Walsh allowed just 2 hits, both of which came in the 1st inning, and he struck out 12, getting at least 1 strikeout in each inning. That pesky George Rohe banged a bases loaded triple in the 6th to provide all the runs in this one. Bill O’Neill pinch ran in the 6th for the Cubs and eventually scored on Rohe’s triple. Significant because O’Neill was the 1st ever pinch runner used in a World Series. Hey, I know it’s only the 3rd World Series, but somebody had to be 1st.

GAME #4 10/12/1906 @ South Side Park

Cubs  1

White Sox  0

WP- Mordecai Brown     LP-Nick Altrock

With the score knotted at 0-0 Frank Chance led off the top of the 7th with a single. Two sac bunts moved him to 3rd. (How’s that for small ball!!) Johnny Evers singled in Chance and that was all she wrote. Mordecai Brown allowed just 2 hits.

GAME #5 10/13/1906 @ West Side Grounds

White Sox  8

Cubs  6

WP- Ed Walsh     LP- Ed Reulbach

The Hitless Wonders exploded for 8 runs and 12 hits, 8 of which were doubles. Frank Isbell banged out 4 doubles for a World Series record that still stands.

Game #6 10/14/1906 @ South Side Park

White Sox  8

Cubs  3

WP- Doc White     LP- Mordecai Brown

Pitching on just 1 days rest, Mordecai Brown got spanked for 7 runs in less than 2 IP, and the Cubs never recovered.

The White Sox hit just .198 in the Series while committing 15 errors. The Cubs hit .196 while committing just 7 errors. There were no home runs hit in the Series.

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4 Responses to The 1906 World Series Cubs vs White Sox

  1. So, does this one go down as a Classic, or as a yawner? Imagine how today’s fans would react to a Series where the two teams combined to bat .197 with no homers, and 22 errors. That might be the end of baseball.

  2. thehman999 says:

    I don’t know William. The 1963 World Series was very low scoring but it was for me one of the best ever.

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