baseball And The Saturday Evening Post June 1, 1929

“Dad at Bat” by Alan Foster 6/1/1929


This is the 3rd baseball illustration by Alan Foster, a vast improvement over his last effort.  Dad has an incredibly wide stance, a la Jeff Bagwell, and he looks overjoyed at the prospect of smacking this pitch into next week. I don’t think he succeeds. He’s not standing in there because he knows he’s going to succeed, he’ll be thrilled with a groundball. He’s not smiling from ear to ear because he has some serious baseball skills, and he’s about to show up the pitcher, who I assume is his son. No, he’s wearing that overjoyed Fatherly grin because he’s playing baseball with his son. He’s not the “old man”, he’s not “my stupid Dad.”  He’s playing baseball with his son, not as a teacher, or mentor, but as an equal. Unfortunately, As Fathers we don’t get that opportunity a lot. On second thought, I think dad smacks a line drive single into left field, then stumbles on his way to 1st, falling flat on his face. I know that’s what would have happened to me.

In baseball on June 1, 1929 the NY Yankees beat the White Sox 8-1. Babe Ruth and Tony Lazzeri hit home runs. The Yankees finished 2nd in 1929, 18 games behind the Philadelphia A’s.

This win improves their record to 15-8-1 on Saturday Evening Post baseball illustration dates.

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  1. verdun2 says:

    Love that home is some paper. Possibly a magazine like SEP.

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