Baseball And The Saturday Evening Post April 26, 1930

42630home run

“Home Run” by Eugene Iverd 4/26/1930

This is the 3rd Saturday Evening Post baseball themed cover for Eugene Iverd. He was featured on  Oct. 1, 1927, and April 17, 1926, both of which are far superior efforts by Iverd.

He once again features a group of boys playing baseball, this time on a snow covered field?? that’s about the size of my living room.

I know, its not really snow, but baseball illustrations need green grass. I know it features a false perspective, but I’m not a fan. The 2 boys chasing the flyball are converging at the “E” in Evening which is kind of unique for a Saturday Evening Post Cover, but other than that this illustration is not a home run.

In baseball on April 26, 1930 the NY Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 8-3. The Red Sox featured a boxscore of players that I’ve never heard of, besides starting pitcher Hod Lisenbee. It featured the forgettable likes of Joe Cicero, Russ Scarritt, Phil Todt, and Hal Rhyne. No wonder they finished last with a 52-102 record.

The Yankees had all the usual big name players, Ruth, Gehrig, Koenig, Coombs, and Dickey, but they still managed to finish in 3rd place 16 games in back of the Philadelphia A’s.

Their 8-3 victory improved their record on Saturday Evening Post baseball illustration dates to 17-9-1.

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