1920 World Series Revisited Indians vs Robins

The 98-56 Cleveland Indians take on the 93-61 Brooklyn Robins(AKA Dodgers)

This was a best of 9 World Series won by the Indians in 7 games. The Indians suffered a tragic loss on August 16 of this season when shortstop Ray Chapman was killed by a pitched ball from the Yankees’ Carl Mays. Future Hall of Famer Joe Sewell stepped in admirably to help lead the Indians to the AL Pennant, edging out a much depleted Chicago White Sox team.

Since this replay is just for fun, I’m going to keep Ray Chapman on the active roster for the Indians. He won’t start but I’ll definitely use him as a pinch hitter.

In the World Series Cleveland starter Stan Coveleski won games 1, 4, & 7 all complete game 5 hitters. Game 5, won by the Indians 8-1, featured the 1st grand slam in World Series history, as well as the only unassisted triple play in the Fall Classic. Elmer Smith hit his grand slam in the 1st inning, and Robins’ pitcher Clarence Mitchell had the ignominious pleasure of hitting the ball that 2nd baseman Bill Wambsganss turned into the triple killing.

1920-Cleveland-Indians-World-Series-Champs The 1920 Cleveland Indians. The player added in just above the star is Ray Chapman.

1920 robins

The 1920 Brooklyn Robins. The big man in the middle is Manager Wilbert Robinson.

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