1921 World Series Revisited NY Giants vs NY Yankees

The 94-59 NY Giants took on the 98-55 NY Yankees in a World Series that took place entirely in the Polo Grounds. (Yankee Stadium was still a couple of years away). This was the 5th World Series for the Giants, and the 1st for the NY Yankees. Unfortunately for this unbiased Yankee fan, the Giants beat the Yankees in this best of 9 series in 8 games.

giants 1921

1921 NY Giants Casey Stengel is seated in the 1st row, 2nd from the right.

Things started out great for the Yankees, winning the 1st 2 games by identical 3-0 scores. Carl Mays tossed a 5 hit shutout, and Waite Hoyt followed that up with a 2 hit shutout.

The Giants bats came alive in game 3, as they banged out a then World Series record 20 hits in a 13-5 victory. This record would stand for 80 years when the Diamondbacks got 22 hits against these same Yankees in game 6 of the 2001 World Series. Ross Youngs had 2 hits, a double and a triple in the 8 run 7th inning of this game. The 1st player to get 2 hits in an inning in a World Series.

After splitting the next 2 games the Yankees held a 3-2 advantage. The Giants went on to win the next 3 games, holding the Yankees to just 1 run over the last 25 innings. Babe Ruth was injured in Game 4, and was only available for pinch hitting over the last 4 games.

This was the Giants 2nd World Championship, and 1st since 1905.


1921 NY Yankees, I’m not sure which guy is Babe Ruth?

The World Series Revisited uses as played line ups, so Ruth will not be in the starting line up after game 4. Hopefully this will not impede the Yankees from capturing their 1st World Series Revisited title. Go Yankees.


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2 Responses to 1921 World Series Revisited NY Giants vs NY Yankees

  1. verdun2 says:

    If the Yanks win, do we have to get a Commissioner to determine if the Series was fixed? 🙂

    • Kevin Graham says:

      What are you implying?…. I can very easily change the results, but like J. Henry Waugh in The Universal Baseball Association, I will live or die with the “roll of the dice.”

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