1922 World Series Revisited Ny Giants vs Ny Yankees


A rematch of the 1921 World Series. The 93-61 Giants take on the 94-60 Yankees.

The Giants have a team of .300 hitters, from top to bottom of their line up. Their team .305 average attests to that.

Top Row: L-R: Mahlon Higbee (OF), Ralph Shinners (OF), Claude Jonnard (RP), George Kelley (1B) Jack Scott (P).
Second from Top; L-F: Emil ‘Irish’ Meusel (LF), Fred Johnson (P), Freddie McGuire (2B), Wilfred ‘Rosy’ Ryan (P), Carmen Hill (P), Jesse Barnes (P), Virgil Barnes (RP), Dave Robertson (OF), Frank Snyder (C).
Seated: L-R: Royce ‘Ross’ Youngs (RF), Art Nehf (P), Charles ‘Casey’ Stengel (CF), Hughie Jennings (coach), John McGraw (Mgr.), Albert ‘Cozy’ Dolan (reserves), Alex Gaston (C), Earl Smith (C), Frankie Frisch (2B).
Bottom Row: L-R: Hugh McQuilllan (P), Walter ‘Waddy’ MacPhee (3B), Dave Bancroft (SS), Clint Blume (P), Bill Cunningham (OF), Henry ‘Heinie’ Groh (3B), Lee King (1B), Johnny Rawlings (2B).

NOTE: George “Highpockets” Kelly(6’4”, 190) is very tall

The Yankees had Ruth and his 35 home runs in a season that saw the Bambino play in just 110 games. Ruth was suspended at the beginning of the season by Kenesaw Landis for barnstorming in the off season. Bullet Joe Bush(26-7), Bob Shawkey(20-12) and Waite Hoyt are the work horses for this Yankee pitching staff.

Top Row, L-R: Frank Roth (Pitching Coach), Elmer Smith (OF), unidentified, George Murray? (P), unidentified, unidentified, Wally Pipp (1B), Waite Hoyt? (P), Elmer Miller (OF), Carl Mays (P), unidentified, unidentified.
Middle Row, L-R: Fred “Bootnose” Hofmann (C), Wally Schang (C), Johnny Mitchell (SS), Aaron Ward (2B), Bob Meusel (RF), Babe Ruth (LF), Miller Huggins (Mgr.), Charlie O’Leary (Coach), Chick Fewster (OF), Everett “Deacon” Scott (SS), Al DeVormer (C), “Jumpin'”Joe Dugan (3B).
Bottom Row, L-R: Whitey Witt (CF), unidentified, Mike McNally (IF), unidentifed, unidentifed, unidentifed, “Sad” Sam Jones (P), Frank “Home Run” Baker (3B), Johnny Mitchell (SS), Bob Shawkey (P), Norm McMillan

NOTE: Fred “Bootnose” Hofmann is now my new favorite player.

In the World Series the Giants swept the Yankees in 5 games. Game 2 ended in a 3-3 tie. The Giants outscored the Yankees 18-11, while Ruth managed just 2 hits in 14 at bats.

I expect the result of this replay to be the same. Too much offensive fire power for the Giants, and their pitching staff is just a little bit better than the Yankees. The Yankees will have to wait until next year.

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