Baseball And The Saturday Evening Post-October 10, 1932


“Shadow Batter” by John E. Sheridan 10/8/1932

John E. Sheridan was born in 1880 and died on 7/3/1948 in New York. He had 13 covers featured on The Saturday Evening Post. This is his only baseball themed cover.

We’ve all faced the “shadow batter”. He was always the best player on the shadow team. The toughest out you’re ever going to face. Whether you were pitching a ball against a brick wall, the side of a garage, or to one of your friends, you’re imagination conjured up the biggest, baddest hitter on the planet. He didn’t have to be Ruth, or Casey, or Murcer, he just had to be the best you could imagine. And you know what? We always struck him out! The shadow batter never got a hit. Yep…..kicked his ass every time. Life should be so easy.

In baseball on October 8, 1932 there were no games played, a 1st in this series of posts. The Yankees had just polished off the Cubs in a 4 game sweep in the World Series, so I’m going to count that as a game won by the Yankees. That will put their record on Saturday Evening Post baseball themed cover dates at 18-12-1.

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