Freddie Fitzsimmons Not Fat But Phat



Freddie Fitzsimmons pitched 19 seasons in the National League, 13 with the Giants and 7 with the Dodgers. He was affectionately called Fat Freddie, but if this were the 1990’s and I wasn’t 15 years late to the hip table, I’d rather call him Phat Freddie.

For one thing he’s listed at 5’11” and 185 lbs. Nothing fat about that. And he was actually a very good knuckleball pitcher finishing his career with a 217-146 record. He had some pretty good seasons, going 20-9 in 1928, 19-7 in 1930, and 16-2 in 1940. His .889 winning percentage in 1940 is good for 7th all time.

If that’s not phat enough for you, he once fell asleep in a rocking chair, and rocked over his own hand breaking 3 fingers.

And one more phat stat from Fat Freddie. In 1935 Fitzsimmons pitched in 18 games for the NY Giants. His record was an unimpressive 4-8 with a 4.02 ERA. His 4 wins however, were all complete game shutouts, which actually led the NL that season. He tied with 4 other pitchers that season, one of which was the equally phat Van Lingle Mungo.

FYI: P.H.A.T. stands for “pretty hot and tempting” which doesn’t really apply to Freddie Fitzsimmons, or myself for that matter. But “phat” also stands for cool and that does apply to Freddie.

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